March 13, 2017


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So you want to travel? I'll tell you where to start.

I'm assuming that you have a place in mind whether it’s in the United States, the Caribbean Islands, or overseas.

Before thinking about how you're going to pay to get there or who you will travel with, ask yourself this:


Where will I stay?

What will I eat?

What will I do?



The answers to these questions are all components for a successful trip.

If this is your first time traveling to a particular place, I suggest finding the answers to these questions before booking a flight.

Let’s not waste time.



I use these three tools!

Lonely Planet



Lonely Planet is the largest travel guide book publisher in the world! This tool was recommended to me by SayKay [Check her out under the Wanderers tab]. The site is easy to use and navigate through.


You simply type your destination in the search field in the top left hand corner. Once the search is complete, you should see "Top Results" and then "Destination." Click Destination and wait for everything to load.


Destination results may vary depending on the travel popularity of the place chosen. On this page you can see an introductory description on the destination and the following categories: Experiences, Map, Survival Guide, Interests, Books, Activities, and Community. 


The categories that I get the most use out of are Survival Guide and Activities. In the Survival Guide category, it provides information about travel visas, the best time to visit, currency information, along with exchange rates, and even tipping information. The Activities category gives a list of adventures, their price ranges, and duration. 


Lonely Planet is a digital travel guide of the world! Remember, search results vary based on travel popularity.



"Google Everything" is a saying I live by. If you have questions about a new place, google it. If you want to check out pricing for a flight, google it. Google has proven itself to serve its purpose of searching for any and everything while being hassle free. Google is AMAZINGNESS (YUP, IT'S A WORD). I must break up different features of Google in separate blog posts because everything will not fit in one.


Check out the "Google Flights is Life" for finding out the best way to search for flights.


Google has a new feature that allows you to get travel guide information by using the word "destination." Follow these simple steps: 

  1. Go to google.com  

  2. Type in your desired country and add the word "destination." Example: "Aruba Destination"

  3. The page will then populate with a view card of popular cities in that country. Click a city. Example: Oranjestad

  4. Once you click a city, Google will navigate you to a Travel Guide page for that city. 


The Travel Guide page provides you with similar information you would find on Lonely Planet with added bonuses. On the Travel Guide tab, Google provides a brief description of the city and displays a list of top sights with ratings, information on the best time to travel, and weather. Google also gives you the option to view the top sights on its own tab. Now the last tab is the best tab in my opinion: Plan A Trip! Here, Google will introduce you to Google Flights and Popular Hotels in the area. 


Explore various destinations by using a simple Google search. Remember to use the word "Destination" after typing your country or city. 

Airbnb is the reason why many large hotel chains lose service. It's an online marketplace that provides a list of housing options for everywhere around the world, I mean everywhere. It has everything from short-term lodging options including high rises and mansions in Miami to exotic tree houses and hostel beds in Europe. I personally do not consider hotels before searching through Airbnb first.


When you initially conduct your search, you're prompted to input your destination, duration of stay, and the number of guests. You can type in any place, any time, and up to 16 adult guests. Once your search is complete, you receive the option to filter through lodging options with the following categories: room type, price range, rooms and beds, facilities, amenities, and house rules.


Airbnb not only offers great lodging options, but it now also gives members the options to hang with locals. You can choose the option of spending anywhere from a couple of hours with a local expert getting a short yoga lesson or a three-day lifestyle immersion where you learn about a different culture. This is a new feature on Airbnb that I haven't had the chance to experience myself, but the reviews are great. It's now on my short-term bucket list :)


I've used Airbnb in the following locations:


Naples, Rome, & Florence, Italy
Houston, Texas

Ferndale, MI

Toronto, Ontario


Contact me for any questions on these particular places



Airbnb is great because it provides you with the opportunity to live like a city native. It's a cool way to embrace the culture and lifestyle of a particular place whether you're on a budget or desire experiencing luxurious living for a few days. Take advantage of temporarily switching up your living lifestyle to whatever you desire! 












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